3 Tips for Small Business Growth

Except for the occasional overnight successes you read about, most of us grow our businesses slowly by careful decision-making, sticking to budgets and doing due diligence. It could take a few months to a few years to get to the point when you can see positive growth, but in any […]

California’s Regulations Are Harming Small Businesses

The regulatory burden in California continues to grow. Minimum wage increases—which simultaneously raise costs on businesses and harms many low-wage workers and consumers—have passed in Los Angeles and San Francisco. California is also pursuing regulations that would reduce the viability of Uber and Lyft, the popular ride-for-hire services revolutionizing how […]

Ten Facts About the New Facebook Search

Each day, Facebook handles 1.5 billion searches against the 2 trillion posts in its index. Facebook is still a ways off from Google’s 3.5 billion daily searches, but it’s an impressive figure nonetheless and puts Facebook right up there as far as search giants go. Of course, Facebook is only […]

Your Elevator Pitch

Your Elevator Pitch Stinks – Here’s How to Fix It By Marla Tabaka Since the 1950s, sales trainers from all over the planet have pushed the elevator speech as the secret to business networking. That was yesterday. “The elevator speech is dead, or at least it should be,” says Cliff […]